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Sole Auditor

Join our database and be part of our team, co-partner auditor. Get the best auditing job opportunities (freelance and full-term). We are a widely recognized partner, not only on the Internet and Work-related social media, but we have an internal network of connections that will help you elevate your position and be a great trampoline to success.

The Existing Auditing Company

We are looking to cooperate with existing auditing companies, keeping them in the database and engaging in joint projects. We base our model on B2B cooperation leaving your company independent, not changing your structures, business models, or procedures. We are not seeking any information on your internal matters and procedures. We focus on the project we would work on or direct our customers to you.

Auditing Company providing the auditors

If you are (representing) an existing Auditing Company willing to provide/share your auditors, services for our projects.

Please fill-up the form and mail it to:

Auditor CV

If you are a maritime auditor/maritime matter expert/seafarer willing to work as an auditor or want to gain auditing experience and open a new career path (find a new occupation), please fill-up the form and mail it to: